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SARS...... malattia inventata - 2   (Italian + English)
Il Thimerosal dei vaccini distrugge e/o altera la flora intestinale essendo una sostanza altamente tossica
Ecco il recente studio che ha coinvolto più di 17.000 bambini fino a 19 anni
Questo studio-indagine attualmente in corso è stato avviato dall’omeopata Andreas Bachmair.


SARS - 1 ........... oltre 6000 casi nel mondo con oltre 500 morti, di cui il 90 % in Cina…..una bazzecola !
Nel mondo nel solo anno 2002, l'influenza stagionale ha ucciso circa 140.000 persone, ma di cio' NON se ne deve parlare.....

Consideriamo alcuni importanti fatti:
Nel 1996, un anno normale, circa 5.000 persone in Hong Kong sono morti di Polmonite atipica (strana), ma allora quel piccolo stato
era sotto il protettorato Inglese……quindi tutto passo’ sotto silenzio, nessuna isteria….e senza nessun interessamento da parte della OMS gestita da Big Pharma...e sue organizzazioni dipendenti…..
By source:

Oggi (2003) che Hong Kong
e' ritornato sotto la giurisdizione della Cina....allora si deve attuare un piano "sanitario" mondiale.......che fermi, oltre alla SARS.......anche l'espansione industriale e commerciale Cinese nel mondo......
I sintomi della SARS sono indistinguibili da una normale Polmonite ed all’inizio la si puo’ scambiare per una normale influenza !  
Il Corona virus, che viene indicato  (falsamente) dall’OMS e sue organizzazioni dipendenti (con  nesso fra quel ipotetico virus e malattia non dimostrata in modo certo), come essere causa di questa malattia, NON e’ stato ritrovato in piu’ del 60% dei malati (sorgente, autorita’ mediche Canadesi)…….ma e’ stato anche trovato in circa il 25 % di individui completamente sani….. !!
Che la SARS sia stata “inventata” per tentare di indebolire il gigante Cinese affinche’ ritardi la sua progressiva ed insistente invadenza sui mercati mondiali ?……
il PIL della Cina, solo dopo 3 mesi di SARS…..ha gia’ perso lo 1% !!... cio’ significa un ritardo sulle altre nazioni occidentali di circa 10 anni….. ormai sta' divenendo un argomento chiaro e dimostrabile.......

Vedere anche, per “virus” HIV ? - - and BSE, mucca pazza ?


May 15th 2003 -
Latest Articles - Trade Hit : SARS Has A New Enemy - LATEST SARS WORLD TOTALS

15th May by P Zhgang
EXCERPT - Is the SARS reaction a media-fanned mass hysteria ? The total number of deaths from Atypical Pneumonias of all causes in the period Jan-April 2003 was about the same as the number of deaths in the same period in 2002 in Hong Kong. (Data presented on 12 May, by Vivian Wong, Director at the Hospital Authority of Hong Kong) WHO has announced the discovery of a new strain of corona virus to be responsible for causing SARS, and drugs firms are rushing to produce vaccines against SARS based on the theory of the corona virus, but Is SARS just old disease that has been reclassified as a new disease?

Hoax Epidemics: The Checklist
11 May by Jon Rappoport
Now that you know what a fake epidemic looks like, here is a summary of issues I have raised in the SARS hoax, to guide readers when future "outbreaks" are trumpeted. With this list in tow, you should be much better preparared to assess the next SARS coming down the pipeline.

The Fever Cure for Sars
Part 1: SARS Prevention
by Fintan Dunne,, 7th May, 2003
The epidemic is reaching crisis proportions. It's not SARS. It's an epidemic of medical ignorance tied to commercial gain. Forget the clamor for quarantine, vaccine and new drugs. The greatest human cause of SARS is medical malpractice of colds and flu --which results in avoidable acute respiratory conditions. To correct the errors we need to work from the bottom up -rather than the top down. A common sense guide to prevent and cure acute respiratory symptoms.

Taiwan Marketeers Use SARS to Edge Out Employment Rights
Some Taiwan business leaders have demanded that the government freeze implementation of the labor standard law, abolish the basic wage, expand quotas for foreign migrant labor (whose wages would be "delinked" from the basic wage), and, last but not least, provide more tax incentives. A favorite item on the wish list is a "special economic zone" that would be free to implement direct shipping and transport links with the PRC.

The Lancet May 7. Plenty of nice graphs and no challenging examination of treatment.

by Fintan Dunne, 5th May, 2003
"Today, the aim of strategic policies... is toward the rapid reduction of the condition of most of the world's people to something comparable to an imperial flock of human cattle... herded, hunted, and culled by the fascist gangs... on behalf of predatory oligarchical interests."
La Rouche "The Pantheo-cons" April 6, 2003

The global fascist coup is progressing nicely. The latest phase involves reshaping China's political landscape under cover of the hyped SARS "epidemic." The defining characteristic of this coup is the use of psychological warfare to compliment overt military action. As the Iraq war has shown, conquering physical territory is still a messy, bloody business.

By comparison, conquering virtual territory in the Infosphere, while strategically as vital and equally as coercive of populations, is a relatively bloodless affair. Is the WHO in on the gameplan then ? Silly question. Not only is the WHO top tier in on the gamplan, but so are the sections of elites in the USA, the EU, Russia and China.
They rub shoulders, they compare notes and they formulate plans. For whose benefit ? Have a guess...
Full Article

Under Cover of SARS... Comes Massive Multinational Assault on Alternative Medicines
Under cover of the fake “SARS Crisis,” Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration has suddenly moved to outlaw and remove from store shelves about 80% of all vitamin and other related alternative products. Customers today face empty shelves in more than 5,000 health food stores.

Saint Francis of Toronto
2nd May, 2003 by Fintan Dunne

Going.. going... gone ! Canada's SARS epidemic is over. Or maybe not. It all depends on which version of WHO pronouncements on SARS you care to rely upon. Either way, Dr. Frank Plummer just told the Health Canada SARS Summit in Toronto that in recent days his microbiology lab has found no corona virus at all in tested samples from suspect and probable SARS cases.

"While the lab initially found evidence of the coronavirus in 80% of specimens from probable cases at the start of the outbreak in Canada, it recently has not discovered it in any of the samples, he said."

From the Forum: "Here is a very interesting analysis of SARS in terms of its effects (or should I say intended effects) as an economic and geopolitical weapon --that you will never see printed in the Western 'free' press."
See Also

Counting Victims: The SARS Mortality Debate
According to Dr Henry Niman, a surgery instructor at the Harvard Massachusetts General Hospital, the actual mortality rate is much closer to 20 per cent in the general population.

WHO: A Bureaucratic, Ineffective, Health Empire
An analysis of WHO's budget, found that WHO spending on meetings and its executive board equaled its spending on immunizations, tuberculosis, and diarrheal diseases combined. Seventy percent of its budget went to administrative overhead and its Geneva headquarters.
See Also See Also


1 May by Fintan Dunne
"Only 13% of Americans said President Bush's decision to add SARS to the list of diseases for which people can be quarantined was a threat to their personal rights and freedoms." Wash Post 29th April.
Greetings citizens
. Fear not this virus. Be assured you are perfectly safe. Yes, in recent times the threats to our security have multiplied. But Big Brother triumphs over all --even the evil virus....
More Forum Comment

Americans Embrace Quarrantine,  Discount Civil Liberties, Because of SARS, Poll Finds
83% said quarantines are justified, 94% said they would agree to be isolated in a health care facility if they had SARS, and 92% said they would agree to be quarantined for 10 days at home. Only 13% said Bush's decision to add SARS to the list of diseases for which people can be quarantined was a threat to their personal rights and freedoms. OR SO THEY SAY....

WHO & CDC Move To Cover Ass on SARS
April 28 2003 by Jon Rappoport
Today, Reuters is running a piece that reveals much, if you read between the lines. There are people at WHO/CDC who are devoutly hoping the whole SARS scare fades into the woodwork before their fraudulent research becomes commonly understood. Except for one thing: If WHO moves on too soon, Toronto will sue them into the dirt for lost business and trade.

April 29 by Fintan Dunne Nicholas Regush has headlined on his web site. His is the leading alternative medical analysis and news site on the web, so SARS skeptical views will now come to the notice of doctors and scientists worldwide. Quite a significant development. And Jon Rappoport just made me blush.....Read More

Outspoken SARS Researcher Airs Views on Canadian TV
April 28 TRANSCRIPT "Good evening everyone, I'm Troy Reeb in Calgary. Welcome to Global Sunday. Tonight, Canada's top virologists says "He's not even convinced we know what causes SARS." Dr. Plummer, you have pointed out that in tissue samples taken from the Canadian cases, only 40 percent are actually showing positive results for coronavirus. If it's not coronavirus, what else could it be?"...

Confused Quacks are Ignoring Vital SARS Evidence
April 27 by Fintan Dunne
"Quack, quack, quack," go the confused SARS experts, while they bustle around patients --armed with printouts from fancy gene sequence decoding machines. "It's mutating, it's mutating," they chorus, as quackery takes over from medicine. All the while ignoring clear evidence that this corona virus is not a new strain; neither is it the cause of SARS.

Time to get a grip and put SARS panic into perspective
April 27th by Terry Prone
THE only problem with the surgical masks, the man said, is that you have to take them off in order to smoke a cigarette. There inside one remark stand all the contradictions of the SARS panic. Even if that man never buys a mask, even if he heads for Beijing right away and follows that trip with a dirty weekend in Toronto, he is much more likely to die of smoking than of SARS.

SARS Tests Prove Inconsistent
Tests for SARS appear to be far from fool-proof. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said this week that about seven of the 13 probable cases of SARS that were tested came up negative. The CDC also said that of 32 cases classified as "suspected" rather than "probable," all came up negative.

A Little SARS Horse Sense
As hysteria and panic overthrow calm, considered approaches, it's time to review the basics. CDC advisor Mayo Kuo has a firm grip on essentials...

PNEUMONIA?  ..Or Just The Same OL' MONIA ?
"We've got millions of cases of lung disease all over the world. If we can just siphon off some of those cases and call them SARS, we're in business with a new disease. Just say we've got a new virus, and it is in the bodies of SOME of these 'new' cases, nobody will notice the crazy science. We can pull it off with enough PR."

Panic Replacing Logic on SARS,  says ex-Ontario Health Chief
"Of the 16 Toronto-area residents who have died from the syndrome, only two were under the age of 60. Most were 70 or older; one victim was 99. Like any acute infection, the elderly and those with poor immune systems are most at risk of death." Vindicated  As Corona Virus Theory Wobbles
23 April by Fintan Dunne For the last ten days we have been telling you the WHO research team were getting it all wrong. Today, the Times of London is reporting that scientists have: "suffered a setback after finding that the [corona]virus blamed for the potentially fatal disease was not present in most patients taken ill."

Yet on April 16, the WHO officially said corona virus was the cause of SARS. These incompetent fear-mongers are scaring you witless on flimsy half-baked theories about SARS. So, ask yourself, what else have they got wrong ? The whole damm thing !